International Bingo and It’s Variants

Almost everyone has played bingo at one time or another. Most of us have played the home version with the cardboard spinning wheel used to select the bingo card numbers. Many people carry their love of bingo into adulthood and today Bingo is played in bingo parlors, halls and clubs around the world. There are three countries that dominate the bingo world and each has its own variant on the classic version of the game. The internet has made bingo available to anyone with an internet connection. Internet bingo has made the game available to players who live in remote areas and those who do not live near a bingo hall.

It is an established fact that traditional 75 ball bingo remains the most popular version of the game in the US. Internet bingo sites like BingoBoat serving the US bingo market usually offer a wide selection of 75 ball games with a few 90 ball games thrown in. Unfortunately at present the US bingo market is somewhat restricted thanks to ill advised legislation banning the processing of transactions related to online gaming. Despite the laws the US internet bingo market is the world’s second largest.

The UK is the world’s largest market for both land based and internet bingo games. About three million people in the UK play bingo regularly. In England 90 ball bingo is easily the most popular game. There are over 300 internet bingo websites serving the UK market. In addition the demographics for bingo are much different in the UK. Bingo is popular with a much younger tech savvy crowd. It is not an uncommon sight in the UK to see young women playing bingo for money on cell phones and other mobile devices. In addition to 90 ball bingo the multi-line version of 75 ball bingo is popular in the UK and Sweden.

During the last two years internet bingo has moved into Spain with great success. Most internet bingo sites serving the Spanish market offer 75, 90 and 80 ball bingo. Entering the Spanish market was a part of a move on the part of the internet bingo industry to enter new European markets. Internet bingo has also taken off in Scandinavia. So far there has been no industry research into the preferences of Spanish internet bingo players.

The classic game of bingo has developed several variants over the years. With the rapid advance of technology, who knows what new games will be developed in the future.