Internet Bingo Etiquette – A Refresher Course

Online bingo is probably the most popular and played online game in the world. New bingo sites are launched at the rate of several a week to keep up with player demands. Internet bingo games have attracted thousands of new players and many of these new players have never used a chat room before and may not be aware of the unwritten rules of etiquette at bingo chat rooms. Bingo chat rooms are what make internet bingo games so popular and survey after survey has shown that a majority of players choose their bingo site by the interaction offered by the chat room at a particular bingo site.

Using proper bingo etiquette will help new players earn the respect of other players and will make everyone’s internet bingo experience a positive one. Using the ‘golden rule’ and common sense will help new players to quickly make new friends. There will almost always be one bad apple in the bunch but most bingo sites have an ‘ignore’ button where players can shut out an obnoxious or disruptive player. Here is a refresher course in basic internet bingo chat etiquette.

Always be polite. This is so obvious that it shouldn’t be necessary to mention it. Respect the CM or chat leader and always remember it is their job to keep things moving smoothly and without conflicts. Obey all of the rules of the chat room. If you are not sure about something ask. Chat leaders and other players will be glad to help new players.

Refrain from using language that could be offensive to others. Using vulgar language does not reflect well on a player and may even get you banned. Some internet bingo sites have adult themed chat rooms for those who prefer spicy language.

Be a sportsmanlike winner and do not rub your good fortune in the faces of those who have lost. Congratulate other players when they win. Avoid sarcasm.

Avoid gossip at all costs; it is counterproductive and unfair especially if the person is not present.

Don’t ask for loans or promote other bingo sites. This will get you banned quickly.

Don’t be a spelling and grammar cop. Other players may live in other countries and English may be a second language to them. Enjoy the opportunity to interact with someone from another country and culture.

Always go out of your way to make new players welcome. Remember how you felt when you were new to the game?