More Women Attracted by Online Gambling

Usually online gambling attracts a mostly male audience but recent reports indicate that women are joining the world of online gambling at a rapid pace. Many internet gambling sites have launched advertising campaigns designed to attract women to internet gaming sites. Many online gaming providers have observed the incredible success of internet bingo in the UK, Europe and the US and have realized that women remain an untapped and potentially huge revenue source. Studies have shown that internet bingo is the most popular leisure activity for women between the ages of 20 and 25 and the internet bingo industry is now worth more than a billion dollars annually. That figure is expected to double by 2012. Slot games are very popular with players of internet bingo games and most internet bingo sites provide players with a selection of slot games, blackjack, poker and casino and table games.

Most in the online gaming industry are starting to realize that online gambling is gender neutral and is just as popular with women as it is with men. Recent statistics show that about 46% of all new users at internet gaming sites are women and the figures have prompted many online gambling operators to adopt female friendly marketing strategies. In the UK internet gaming companies have followed the lead set by the internet bingo industry and are starting to advertise on soap operas and other television shows that have a large female audience.

Many women find online gambling less intimidating than land based gambling with its male dominated atmosphere. Many women consider online gaming sites the perfect place to learn about the various gambling games and cite the lack of pressure from other players as a positive factor. Many believe that the internet gaming industry will adopt more gender neutral marketing tactics in the future to attract more female players. Several females have already become very adept at many traditionally male dominated card games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack.

In a kind of reverse situation many internet bingo sites are reporting an increase in the number of males who play bingo online. There are even a couple of UK based websites devoted to male internet bingo players. Although the internet bingo world is dominated by females male players are gaining acceptance and growing in numbers. Once the US re enters the online gambling world the number of female players is expected to soar.