Resolving Player Disputes at Internet Bingo Sites

Most internet bingo players have played for years with no complaints. Since most bingo sites serving the UK and Europe are governed by UK Gaming Commission and European Union rules disputes between bingo players and internet bingo providers are rare. Many bingo companies are traded on stock exchanges and these companies take great pains to avoid any situation that would damage their reputation. Unfortunately some companies are less than helpful when dealing with player disputes. Some companies may simply shut off all means of communication and some may hide behind terms and conditions written in legalese. In spite of all the precautions taken by most bingo providers, occasionally disputes do happen and here is what you can do to resolve disputes.

Knowing how to take a screen shot can be very helpful in resolving disputes arising out of your screen freezing during a game which does happen from time to time. There are several sites offering simple instructions on how to take a screenshot. Document everything you can and some sites provide a game ID number on the game page. Be sure to write down the time when the malfunction happened. Technical difficulties can occur and knowing how to properly document and incidents will help both you and the bingo site to resolve the dispute.

If you are trying to resolve a dispute by way of a chat room be sure to treat the chat leader politely. Remember chat leaders have the ability and the right to ban any player they think is rude or unreasonable. If you are banned and have your account frozen it can make it impossible to settle any dispute.

Make sure you have read and understand all the terms and conditions before you sign up at any site. As has been mentioned some sites use cryptic and misleading language and will hide behind these conditions and refuse to listen to any complaints. If the site is located offshore there is not much you can do so make sure the site is reputable.

Should a dispute or problem arise the best place to start is with a chat leader. Most reputable internet bingo sites will have a customer service number. Explain your problem and ask the customer service representative how you should proceed.  Some internet bingo sites limit communication to email so make sure you put all the pertinent facts in your email including any screenshots.

If the dispute is not resolved then try to find the appropriate agency to report the problem. In the UK the gaming commission is a good place to start. If the site is licensed in another jurisdiction then you will need to submit your complaint directly to the licensing authority in that country. A quick Google search should reveal all you need to know. Hopefully you will not have any unpleasant experiences while you play internet bingo and will not need to use this information.