UK Bingo Sites Raking in Big Bucks Due to Severe Winter Weather

Traditionally most internet bingo providers report increased business during the winter. The colder weather sends most players indoors in search of warmth and entertainment. This has been a well established pattern for about a decade. Last year when winter storms hammered the UK, internet bingo sites reported an astounding increase in the number of players online. For many internet bingo providers the increase in winter business makes up for summer losses. Generally attendance at internet bingo games is down when the weather is nice and players head for the beach to enjoy a little sunshine.  The ability to play internet bingo on mobile devices has helped summer business somewhat but usually revenues are down during warmer weather.

This winter has been a banner one for internet bingo providers like BingoHouse serving the UK bingo market. Storm after storm has pounded the UK disrupting travel, communications and education. Flights have been canceled, ferry service in the English Channel has been disrupted, public transport services have been affected and meteorologists predict more storms. In fact most weather experts are predicting a repeat of the winter of 2009 which was one of the worst on record.

While land based bingo operators such as Gala and Mecca have reported dismal attendance at their land based bingo halls most internet bingo providers say that the early winter weather and storms may produce record fourth quarter revenues. On survey of 50 land based bingo halls found that seven had closed out of concern for public safety and concern for employees who must use public transportation to get to work. The cold spell and snowstorms that began during the last week of November show no signs of letting up. This has sent millions of internet bingo players online to cope with the confinement that winter storms can bring.

The weather forecast for the week of December 13th promises more arctic cold and more snow a prospect that probably has online bingo providers smiling from ear to ear. The latest forecast calls for icy roads and blowing and drifting snow that promise to keep internet bingo players safe at home playing their favorite game. The first week of December was the coldest in the UK since 1879 and is the second coldest week on record since the earliest weather records were taken way back in 1659! Helpfully there will be some respite before the holidays so internet bingo players can get out and do their annual shopping.