What are Bingo ‘House Players’?

Internet bingo is an established industry and online bingo stocks are traded on global stock exchanges. In fact, internet bingo stocks actually performed well during the global recession. Publicly traded companies are generally reputable and go to great lengths to avoid scandals or questionable activities. Thanks to regulations European and British internet bingo players are protected against questionable activities. Thanks to ill advised legislation passed by congress in 2006 American internet bingo players are at the mercy of offshore websites that may or may not be honest.

Some have compared the atmosphere in the online gaming industry to the old Wild West. The internet is one of the last places free of censorship and regulations and most like it that way. For people that play internet bingo and visitors to online casinos, a little knowledge can go a long way in preventing costly mistakes. Just like many online poker sites, some internet bingo websites employ house players. Most poker players expect house players and many casinos openly employ house players. Most bingo players do not expect bingo sites to use house players but some of the less scrupulous bingo sites use house players. In many cases house players are not actual living breathing human beings but are software robots programmed to mimic the actions of real players.

House players have been the subject of numerous complaints at casino review sites. Typically house players win frequently and are designed to keep real players from winning. Internet bingo house players are easy to spot by the frequency of wins. House players win with a frequency that defies all odds and some bingo sites have been caught using as many as 20 house players at a time to avoid detection. Ever notice how some players are just ‘too’ lucky? Chances are you have spotted a house player. It is just not normal for any player to win every second or third game during a game session. If you see the same players winning time and time again it is time to find another bingo site to play at.

By observing winning patterns it is possible to catch house players. Some sites will seat house players at even or odd chairs and will alternate payouts. Sites using this system make it difficult to catch house players but astute players can sometimes detect the patterns. Statistics show that 88% of all bingo players have won bingo jackpots and if you have been playing many games and are not winning, especially if you are playing max cards, chances are the site is using house players and has tilted odds.

Be sure to check the reputation of any site you may play at. Fortunately this is easy to do at one of the many bingo and casino review and rating sites. The good news is that most online bingo sites are honest and do not engage in shenanigans like the use of house players.