2011 Will Be a Banner Year for Internet Bingo, Say Experts

While the internet bingo industry remains relatively static the bingo industry is thriving and is poised for even more growth in 2011. Internet bingo gained popularity in the UK around 2000 and really took off in 2006. There were two major reasons for the phenomenal growth of the internet bingo industry in 2006; the implementation of a draconian national smoking ban and the government’s policy of excessive taxation for land based bingo halls. Land based bingo halls saw a 63% decline in attendance after the smoking ban was imposed. That, combined with the double taxation of bingo halls forced many brick and mortar operations to close. Even bingo industry giants like Mecca and Gala were affected and launched their own internet bingo sites to increase profits.

Most analysts believe that the future of internet bingo lies in European expansion. The European and UK bingo markets are the growing faster than any other bingo markets including the United States. These same analysts say that mobile bingo will be a major force driving industry expansion. Although at the present time the chat feature available at bingo sites is not available to mobile players software advances will probably solve this problem sometime in 2011.

Way back in 2004 there were only about 250 internet bingo sites and now there are over 400 bingo sites serving the UK market alone. In addition about two new bingo sites are launched every week. These fall into two categories; networked bingo sites and stand alone bingo sites. Networked sites share a large pool of players and game software. This is why so many bingo sites look similar. The network operator provides all the game software, tech support and customer service. Network operators are able to provide investors with a turnkey bingo site. Stand alone bingo sites are usually owned by individuals or a group of investors who have purchased their own game software and provide their own tech support and customer service. There are pros and cons for each.

The advent of internet bingo games has changed bingo demographics dramatically. Most internet bingo players are younger players with disposable income. 2011 will see an increase in total internet bingo revenues. Experts have predicted that internet bingo will be a $2 billion dollar a year industry in 2012 and the bingo industry is well on track towards achieving this.