A Short Introduction to Scratch Games at Bingo Sites

Most internet bingo sites provide their players with many other games in addition to bingo. Video poker is popular and provides a diversion from bingo games. Most sites offer players roulette, casino and table games, slots and scratch games which are gaining in popularity at bingo sites. In fact scratch games are sweeping the internet and now there are many sites devoted exclusively to scratch games. Scratch games are easy to play and are basically the online version of old fashioned lottery scratch off games. Players choose a scratch game and then ‘scratch’ the card with their mouse revealing a set of numbers or symbols. Anyone who has ever purchased a scratch off lottery ticket will be able to play these highly amusing games at internet bingo sites.

There have been some big scratch game winners. In June of 2009 a very lucky woman won one million Euros playing a scratch game. ($1,338,528.26 USD at current exchange rates) At first the player identified only as Lydie A thought she had won 200,000 Euros ($267,695.42 USD) which was thrilling enough until a member of the website’s team contacted her and pointed out she had won a million Euros. The lucky woman said she was ‘flabbergasted’ when she realized she had won. Many internet bingo sites are offering players scratch off games with prizes that rival those of lotteries.

The main difference between traditional lottery scratch off games and online scratch games is that most online casinos allow players to determine the size of their wager and the value of the card. When the wager is made the player then scratches the card. The odds of winning some sort of prize playing scratch games are about 1 in 3 which makes the games even more popular. At some internet bingo sites bingo bonus money can be used to play scratch games and other side games. Internet bingo sites are providing players with bigger than ever bonuses which can enable scratch game fans to play many games.

In the past old fashioned scratch off cards were boring but online scratch games offer players lively animations and some are based on popular video and slot games. Scratch games at internet bingo sites provide players with a highly entertaining interactive experience. Scratch games can be a great way to take a short break from internet bingo games and can be highly profitable too!