Bingo Bonuses 101

Most internet bingo sites offer players a plethora of promotions and bonuses of various kinds. There are sign up bonuses, first deposit bonuses, account re load bonuses, loyalty bonuses, bonuses associated with promotions and bonuses for just about any occasion. Sometimes it seems that internet bingo sites are looking for any reason to offer players bonuses. For internet bingo players bonuses are a source of extra cash that can be used to play more games.

The most common bonuses are the sign up and initial deposit bonuses. These can be quite large and match deposit bonuses of 500% are now common thanks to industry competition. Some internet bingo sites like BingoBoat will run special deposit bonuses with their own bonus codes. A bonus code is usually a series of letters, numbers or a combination of both that the player enters on the deposit screen to get the extra bonus. Many sites add the bonus money into the player’s account immediately and other may require email verification of the player’s account and details.

Bingo bonuses are a lot like the coupons people use at grocery stores. They allow players to purchase more cards to play more games. Just like the use of coupons can lower a grocery bill bonuses help players to stretch their bingo dollars, pounds and Euros. Seasonal promotions usually come with their own special bonuses. One of the best things about seasonal and holiday themed bonuses is that they are constantly changing and providing players with even more opportunities to save money and play more games.

The best time for players to look for bonuses is during the various holidays. Most internet bingo sites start running their Christmas promotions right after Thanksgiving. Shortly after the Christmas promotions come New Years promotions. In February there are Valentine’s Day promotions and in March there are usually St.Patricks day promotions.  Shortly after that are Easter promotions and the list goes on. In the UK there are Guy Fawkes Day promotions, Boxing Day promotions and promotions for holidays unknown outside the UK.

Since there are over 500 internet bingo sites there are literally thousands of special bingo promotions. Sorting through these can be a daunting task. Fortunately there are several sites that specialize in listing and evaluating the various promotions online. Players can do their own Google searches and shop for the best bingo deals. Times have never been better for bingo bargain hunters.