Original Bingo Card Patterns

Players who are new to online bingo may find the wide variety of card patterns used by most internet bingo sites confusing at first. Basically the object of any bingo game is to match the numbers that are called to the given pattern on a bingo card. Most people are familiar with bingo games that use horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. The classic 75 ball home based version of bingo uses these traditional patterns but bingo providers have spiced things up a bit.

Individual bingo games now usually have unique card patterns. These can be geometric such as triangles, squares, rectangles and just about any geometric pattern in existence. Bingo players now have to keep a sharp eye on their cards to make sure they are marking the right pattern to win. To win most bingo games only the numbers in the pattern need to be marked. Some patterns are easier than others and some can be challenging as the pattern is not readily visible from the game board. Players who are not using the auto daub feature available at most internet bingo sites need to pay particular attention to card patterns.

There are endless numbers of possible bingo card patterns. Most internet bingo card patterns have a middle block which is usually a bonus number. The most commonly used bingo card patterns are single line patterns and blackout or coverall card patterns. Coverall patterns are particularly popular at internet bingo sites and many sites feature coverall games with huge jackpots. Coverall games have higher stakes because players must cover all the squares on the card.

Most internet bingo games have featured patters which can be highly entertaining for players. Some card patterns are promotional themed. The best example would be the Christmas tree pattern used in holiday themed promotional games. Patterns can also be tied in to the prizes offered such as a handbag pattern for a game with an expensive handbag as a prize. Another common pattern is the outside square pattern where players must cover the top and bottom rows and the ‘b’ and ‘o’ rows on the card.

In addition to unique card patterns some jackpot games require players to bingo within a certain number of calls. Jackpot games usually have progressive jackpots that are rolled over if there is no winner. The advent of online bingo has allowed the game to grow in ways that were unheard of just a few years ago.