Bingo is Trendy Again

In the not so distant past bingo was seen as a game for older people and was not considered ‘cool’ by the young. Thanks to internet bingo this is rapidly changing. In addition to internet bingo many highly original land based games targeting the young and hip have appeared on the UK and New York bingo scene. In the UK bingo’s popularity has been boosted by the participation of several well known celebrities at bingo games. English actress, singer and television presenter Denise Van Outen is a huge bingo fan and can often be seen playing at her favorite bingo games in Essex. In addition Van Outen has been one of the strongest celebrity spokespersons for bingo in the UK.

British singer-songwriter, pianist and record producer Gary Barlow decided to celebrate his tenth wedding anniversary with a bingo party and invited a group of fellow celebrities to participate in the games. Guests included singer songwriter Cheryl Cole, recording artist Ronan Keating and dancer and model Alesha Dixon. It was reported that Cheryl Cole won with a full house. Operators of internet bingo games have engaged in a massive television advertising campaign which is expected to continue throughout the coming year.

Some of these television ads for internet bingo sites feature male celebrities. English comedian Vic Reeves has appeared in a commercial for an internet bingo site. Some celebrities are advertising home bingo games. British actor and comedian Ricky Tomlinson was in a commercial for a home bingo DVD called appropriately enough, celebrity bingo. Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy and footballer Troy Brown have all hosted or participated in bingo galas to raise money for charities. The gala hosted by Brown attracted celebrities such as Harrison Ford, George Lopez and Snoop Dogg. Sharon Osbourne has her own internet bingo game and has long been a spokesperson for a major internet bingo site.

New land based bingo games are also attracting a new generation of players to the game. It is now quite common to see games targeting the young and tables full of young ladies sipping cocktails. Rebel bingo has been a big hit with the younger crowd and games take place throughout the UK and in New York and Los Angeles.  The combination of celebrities participating in bingo games and the growing popularity of internet bingo has made what was once a stodgy game trendy.