Bingo Side Games and Slots

Most internet bingo sites also provide players with a selection of side games. These vary from site to site but the most common side games are poker, blackjack, roulette, table games and slot games. Today online slot games can provide the same experience as sophisticated land based slot games found in Las Vegas casinos. Side games add value to any internet bingo site and bingo providers are constantly launching new side games and slots. Game developers can now create more complex games with more interactive features thanks to software advances. There are huge numbers of themed slots available online at bingo sites.

There are two types of slot jackpots. Guaranteed jackpots are fixed jackpots that are won when the player hits a winning combination of game symbols. Progressive jackpots grow each time there is no winner. A percentage of all coins played are put in the progressive jackpot every time there is no game winner. Over time some progressive jackpots can grow quite large and jackpots in the $100,000 dollar range are not uncommon. Usually progressive jackpot games are linked to other slot games in a bingo network. Most internet bingo sites that are members of a network offer players progressive jackpot slot games.

At some internet bingo sites side games are just as popular as the bingo games. Many players will play bingo and side games simultaneously. The popular auto daub feature provided by most internet bingo sites enables players to play several games at once. Three and five wheel slot games are common at internet bingo sites and each game usually offers several ways to win varying jackpots. Many games offer free spins, bonus rounds and wild symbols. There are popular slot games based on television shows such as ‘deal or no deal’ and ‘x factor.’ There is even a slot game based on the wild TV series ‘the Osbournes.’

For people that play internet bingo who are looking for the latest slot games and side games, there are several sites that review the newest slot games. Many internet bingo sites provide free slot games and players can also use bonus money for side games and slots. This is a great way for players to keep costs down and learn how slot games work. Online slot games at internet bingo sites allow players to concentrate on the games in a quiet atmosphere with no distractions that could cause mistakes. As the popularity of side games increases internet bingo providers are keeping game developers busy creating exciting new side and slot games.