British Medical Association Says Bingo Beneficial for Patients

Medical technology moves rapidly and just about every day new treatments and technological advances are developed. New high tech treatments save thousands of lives every year and computers have revolutionized medicine. Recent news reports from the UK indicate that a very old game can help patients beat depression, relieve boredom and shorten their hospital stays. The game is bingo! Recent studies have shown that leaving patients to their own devices such as watching television or reading all day leads to depression that can lengthen hospital stays significantly.

Hospital stays can be extremely stressful due to the lack of privacy and loss of independence. A recent report by the British Medical Association showed that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were less anxious and depressed when exposed to an art exhibit. The same report showed that infants exposed to classical music and lullabies gained healthy amounts of weight. Dr Vivienne Nathanson who is the British Medical Association’s head of science and ethics stated, “Some simple and inexpensive soft, non-clinical things – such as getting more daylight in, planting some trees outside the ward, or encouraging patients to wander around a bit – can help shorten a patient’s time in hospital and reduce their demand for pain relief.”

One of these non clinical things that could help patients is a good game of bingo. The opportunity to get out of a drab hospital room and socialize with fellow players would undoubtedly produce positive outcomes for patients. At Salisbury District Hospital volunteers are already playing bingo with patients with good results. Patients who play bingo have their hospital stays shortened by as much as 25%. The new programs in hospitals is sure to produce new bingo players some of who may try internet bingo at some point.

Patients with limited mobility could easily play internet bingo in their hospital rooms. They could also benefit from the social interaction that takes place in bingo chat rooms. As a side benefit hospital bound internet bingo players could possibly win some serious cash! Both live bingo and internet bingo are bringing more people together than ever before all over the world. Who knew that an old game could produce such positive results for hospital patients?