Increased Use of Social Media by Bingo Sites in 2011 Predicted

There are now over 400 bingo sites targeting the UK bingo market. The sheer number of bingo sites has sparked cut throat competition and bingo operators are looking for anything that will give them an advantage over competitors. Bingo operators are turning to social media to increase visibility and increase brand awareness. Bingo marketers routinely turn to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote their games. Until recently, many bingo sites had their own Facebook pages but thanks to American prudery when it comes to online gaming many sites have been banned from Facebook.

Industry insiders predict increased use of social media in 2011. According to Wiki Bingo, “Sites are now stressing the social elements of the game and several are using cutting-edge technology like live video feeds, social media tools and even 3D.” Bingo providers are trying to make the internet bingo experience as close to land based bingo as possible. One UK site plans to use webcams in chat rooms for a more interactive experience.

Internet bingo sites will continue to offer players a wide variety of bingo bonuses, bingo promotions, free bingo games and other player inducements in 2011. All of these have been successful marketing strategies for internet bingo providers for years. Google statistics show that the most popular bingo related search term is ‘free bingo’ and most bingo sites provide players with some sort of free bingo option.

Many bingo sites are using YouTube effectively to promote their brands. Just about every bingo provider has several videos posted on YouTube and some UK sites have posted their recent television ads so players outside the UK can watch these clever ads. In 2010 the internet bingo industry spent millions of pounds on television ads. Video and viral marketing are sure to be used by bingo sites more often in 2011.

Some sites are using Twitter to promote special games and bingo bonuses. Players can sign up for ‘tweets’ from the various bingo sites. The use of Twitter has been particularly popular with younger players and mobile bingo players. Mobile bingo is sure to increase in popularity in 2011. At the present time mobile players do not have access to chat rooms but the problem will be addressed this year. The use of various forms of social media will increase dramatically in 2011 and both players and bingo providers are sure to benefit.