Internet Bingo – Crunching a Few Numbers

Internet bingo has been dominated by women since the very beginning. Bingo has always been seen as a ‘woman’s game and the vast majority of both online and land based bingo players are women. There is a major demographic difference between land based and internet bingo. Land based bingo players tend to be older while internet bingo players are younger. In the UK internet bingo is now the most popular leisure activity of women between the ages of 10 and 30. In the UK 70% of all bingo players are women and 30% are men. Globally women account for 80% of all bingo players. In most countries the stereotype of bingo as a woman’s game continues which is why not that many men play bingo.

There are over 100 million online bingo players throughout the world and of these about 50% say they play bingo online daily. According to one study bingo players over 65 prefer to play at traditional land based bingo halls while younger players prefer internet bingo. The popularity of internet bingo has had a side benefit for land based bingo halls. As more young ladies play internet bingo they become curious about the land based version of the game and some bingo clubs report an increase in the number of younger players attending bingo games.

Celebrities have made bingo trendy and ‘cool’ with younger players. Celebrities who are known to enjoy bingo games include rocker Bono, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sharon Osborne, wife of rocker Ozzy and Kelly Ripa are just a few celebrities who love to play bingo. The ability to multitask while playing bingo is another feature that makes the game attractive to so many busy women. One survey showed that 83% of all internet bingo players multi task while playing.

Another popular feature of internet bingo is the ability of bingo sites to provide players with many different bingo games. Most sites in the UK offer both 90 and 75 ball bingo. Several sites also provide players with 80 and 30 ball bingo. 30 ball bingo is commonly known as ‘speed bingo.’ The fast paced action is popular with players who want to get in as many bingo games as possible.

In 2006 the internet bingo industry generated half a billion dollars in revenue. In 2010 internet bingo almost hit the two billion dollar mark. Since the game has 100 million players worldwide and is attracting a younger crowd the game’s future seems assured.