Internet Bingo Networks and Software Providers

If you have ever played internet bingo at multiple sites chances are that you have encountered the same bingo software at more than one site. Players who check out a variety of sites usually notice that many bingo sites are similar in appearance. Most players are surprised when they learn that there are only a handful of software platforms being used throughout the internet bingo industry. Even though there are about 400 internet bingo sites targeting the UK market exclusively only a few software platforms are powering all those bingo sites.

Many sites are part of an internet bingo network. Member sites within an internet bingo network share a large pool of players. Typically bingo networks use the same software platform and many sites are remarkably similar in appearance and use the same graphics and games. Network sites like BingoHouse will usually offer the same promotions and special games. For investors wanting to launch a bingo site bingo networks can provide them with a turnkey internet bingo operation ready to go.

Participants in an internet bingo network pool their resources such as players and jackpot money and use services from a central location. Because the resources are shared most of the time bingo sites in a bingo network can provide players with games with much larger jackpots. Well known UK bingo network providers include BingoRoom Network, Cashcade Network, The Better Bingo Network, GlobalCom Network, Playtech Bingoland Network, St Minver, The Gaming Network, Think Bingo Network, Sun/News Of The World Network and Virtue Fusion. Some networks have their own proprietary software and game developers.  Software providers include VirtueFusion, Tombola, LeapFrog, Microgaming, Parlay, Playtech and several others.

For new internet bingo sites a good bingo network can provide players with high quality games immediately. While some networks control most aspects of their member sites others allow individual bingo providers to offer their own bingo promotions and bonuses. Internet bingo networks are responsible for some of the best bingo sites on the internet. Networks linked with software providers and developers can provide the latest bingo and side games available. Most players are not aware of the existence of bingo networks yet they are probable the most important influence on internet bingo today.