Internet Bingo Players – The New Generation

In the popular American television show ‘Two and a Half Men’ there was a scene in a recent episode where the nephew has sitting on the couch with his girlfriend. Both had laptop computers and were giggling and laughing. When the Uncle (played by Charlie Sheen) asked them what they were doing they gave him an incredulous look and said ‘talking.’ While this scene may exaggerate the importance of social media with young people it also illustrates the immense popularity of social networking. Everywhere you look younger people are texting each other and using instant messaging and other electronic methods to socialize. For many younger people face to face communication has been replaced with computerized social networking and is considered just as normal as live conversations.

The internet bingo industry is always looking for new players and to attract younger players internet bingo sites are starting to offer players various methods for online social interaction. Internet bingo operators who want to stay in business have realized that younger players are the key to the future. If they can get a whole new generation hooked on internet bingo their future is assured.  When chat rooms appeared on internet bingo sites they were an instant hit and added a social dimension to the online version of the game. One betting journalist, Richard Preen said that the ability to communicate with friends and competitors is a highly sought after attraction by bingo players. When asked what bingo sites could do to attract more players Breen stated, “It’s obviously the initial draw and the initial offer they provide to the customer. The social element is a big factor as well with bingo gaming.”

Bingo sites that offer players the latest social media technology have a great advantage over their rivals. Internet bingo is seen as a ‘soft’ form of gambling and bingo players are not the same as highly competitive poker players. Internet bingo games are friendly affairs and players love to chat during online games. Some chat leaders have achieved what can only be called cult status and bingo sites know that games moderated by well known chat leaders are likely to attract more players. While land based bingo halls are seeing reduced attendance at games younger players are flocking to internet bingo in droves. The new generation of people who play internet bingo will likely be those who depend on electronic communication for most of their social interaction.