Newspaper Bingo in America?

The internet has changed the way most people shop and gather news and information. This has had an adverse effect on print media newspapers. Because so many now get most of their bingo news off the net many major newspapers are seeing a decline in sales and circulation. Many newspaper chains are cutting back on unprofitable operations and shutting down many smaller newspapers. Many media experts say that in the not so distant future newspapers will become a thing of the past. Most newspapers now have online editions and provide this service for free. Online editions must depend solely on advertising for revenue. As newspapers struggle to remain profitable one newspaper publisher says that American newspapers should follow the lead of several UK newspapers and offer readers internet bingo.

New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman said in an interview with Forbes magazine that; “The fact is, if you look at England, a lot of their newspapers have bingo… they make a lot of money off it. It would save hundreds of newspapers in this country if they could do that.” Mr. Zuckerman was referring to the many internet bingo sites operated by British newspapers that have enhanced the profitability of the newspapers.

Originally when newspaper bingo was introduced in the 80’s players got the bingo cards for free but had to buy the daily edition to play. The called numbers were published daily. The bingo games went online in the late 90’s as newspapers took advantage of the opportunities offered by internet bingo. Some in the gambling world believe that Zuckerman and others may try to get Americans interested in playing bingo in anticipation of legalized online gaming. Should such legislation pass it would add millions of new internet bingo players to the millions of established players in Europe and the UK.

Some believe that traditional newspaper bingo would not work in the Unites States because of today’s fast paced lifestyle. Most people would find a week’s long game of bingo unacceptable and internet bingo is the only currently available alternative for newspapers. This is the reason most UK newspapers turned to internet bingo. Although most UK newspapers dropped bingo the ones that chose to go online with their games have been successful. Unfortunately at the present time federal law makes it impossible for US newspapers to launch internet bingo games but hopefully that will change in the near future.