Online Bingo Boom Benefits Live Bingo Halls

Bingo is incredibly popular i9n the UK and has a long and prosperous history. During the postwar years bingo was the most popular game at the ‘holiday camps’ that sprung up during the late 40’s and early 50’. By the 1960’ there were massive bingo palaces across the country. The game’s popularity has remained strong but in recent years live bingo has suffered some serious setbacks. The smoking ban and the high tax rates imposed by the government put pressure on the live bingo industry and many halls closed and hundreds of jobs were lost.

The internet bingo industry benefited from these setbacks and the industry experienced astound growth during 2006 through 2010.Some predicted the demise of live bingo in Britain but it would appear that those predictions are premature. It seems that the massive growth of internet bingo may actually help the live bingo industry. A few years ago bingo had an image of an older person’s game and this perception was partially based in fact. As recently as ten years ago most players at live bingo halls were 50 years old and older and bingo halls across the UK were filled with pensioners.

Times changed and the introduction of internet bingo attracted a much younger group of players. Once these younger players developed a taste for the game it was inevitable that they would want to try the live version of bingo. It is now a common sight to see bingo halls full of attractive young ladies which in turn has attracted many young male players. Tony Barlow who runs a network of internet bingo affiliate sites shared his thoughts on changing bingo demographics. Barlow stated, “Yes, I would agree that bingo is far more popular with women than men as our stats show that over 76% of our sign ups are indeed women. There is no doubt that the average age of bingo players has dramatically dropped during the last 5 or 6 years. Internet bingo games are very popular with those under 30 and has had the knock on effect with many of the new breed of young online bingo players starting to play live bingo throughout the UK”.

What many thought would mortally wound live bingo has actually given the game a huge boost. Internet bingo is now a billion pound a year business and that figure will probably double in 2012. Live bingo halls are sure to benefit from the billions spent on bingo every year.