10 Interesting Bingo Facts

In the UK bingo is a thriving industry and millions of people play online bingo and land based bingo. Bingo has been the subject of several studies and surveys during the last decade. Bingo has provided the UK government with a steady revenue stream but internet bingo remains untaxed in the UK. Although the government is moving in the direction of regulation and taxation government officials admit freely that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to collect taxes from bingo sites licensed offshore. Here are some interesting bingo statistics from the UK. Some of the figures are somewhat dated but they can give the reader an idea of how popular the game is in the United Kingdom.

Over three million UK residents play regularly in bingo clubs across the UK.

In 2002 there were 89 million admissions to bingo clubs. Thanks to the smoking ban the number has decreased and most experts say that future numbers will remain below the 2002 figures.

In 2002 over one hundred million pounds were paid out as bingo prizes. Thanks to internet bingo this number has greatly increased.

Bingo is the only gambling activity where women outnumber men. 70% of all bingo players are women and the other 30% are men. In the general UK population 10% of all women play bingo and men account for 5% of all bingo players.

The average customer at a bingo hall spends between 19 or 24 pounds an evening for bingo tickets, VAT and Duty, other gaming and snacks and drinks.

Bingo players are spread evenly over all age groups and a vast majority are under 50 years old. Internet bingo is a much different story and most people that play internet bingo are under 30.

A large number of bingo players are members at more than one bingo club.

Two out of three players attend bingo games for social reasons rather than for financial gain. It is the same with internet bingo players. Most surveys have shown that online bingo players are more interested in the social aspect of the game than winning jackpots.

The land based bingo industry employs over 20,000 people including callers, change givers, snack bar attendants, cleaners and accountants.

In 2002 the land based bingo industry produced revenues of 178 million pounds. In 2010 the internet bingo industry produced almost 2 billion dollars in revenue which remained largely untaxed.

Since these figures were compiled the land based bingo industry has been pressured by a combination of factors and several bingo clubs have been forced to shut their doors for financial reasons. The internet bingo industry, on the other hand, has grown and is still expanding. While internet bingo may never replace live bingo millions of players find it an enjoyable substitute.