Avoid Disputes with a Bingo Prize Split Agreement

Many groups of bingo players have a verbal agreement to split any prize money. While verbal agreements may sound good they are not binding and have been the source of many a fight over bingo jackpots. Long term friendships have been totally destroyed and the animosity can linger long after the original disagreement. In the UK there were two separate cases that made the newspapers about lawsuits filed by disgruntled bingo partners. One Mecca millionaire prize was frozen by a judge until the case could be resolved. Another court ruled that a lucky bingo player who won one hundred thousand pounds did not have to share it with her bingo partner.

If the Mecca millionaire case is decided the same way verbal agreements among bingo players will essentially be worthless. One enterprising website has come up with a written agreement for bingo buddies that should go a long way towards keeping bingo friendships intact. Bingo players should do what many lottery syndicates are doing. Many lottery syndicates now use a legally binding agreement spelling out all the terms and conditions should a big win take place. In several cases lottery syndicate agreements insured that everything went smoothly for big lottery winners.

Bingo groups are usually much smaller than lottery syndicates. Usually a bingo group consists of two to four friends who play regularly at their favorite bingo club. In recent years bingo jackpots and prizes have increased and it is now possible to win millions playing bingo. The agreement is very simple and spells out the terms and conditions in no uncertain terms. Part of the agreement reads;

“We the undersigned share group agree to equally split all bingo prize wins when we play together as a share group. To be entitled to a prize share, the share group members must be present and playing bingo together. If a prize is won and a member of the share group is not present then they are not eligible for a share.”

The agreement is worded in such a way that it will cover almost any situation that may arise. Fortunately internet bingo players do not need such an agreement. Most internet bingo players play individually and the very nature of internet bingo makes it difficult for group play. Even better internet bingo jackpots now rival or exceed those at land based bingo halls. While people that play internet bingo don’t have to worry about signing agreements it is a wise move for land based bingo buddies.