Bingo’s First Cousin

Keno is bingo’s first cousin and is similar to lotteries. The main difference between the games is that keno players select their numbers before the game numbers are called in hopes the right numbers have been selected instead of marking the numbers as they are called. In some casinos players can select as little as one number or as many as eighty numbers. Some casinos only allow players to select a maximum of 10, 12, or 15 numbers. Most internet bingo sites provide keno to players in the side games sections.

Keno has a long and colorful history. In ancient China the forerunner of keno was used to teach children the thousand characters they had to learn to be literate and was known as the ‘Chinese Lottery.’ Keno eventually entered the United States and was a big hit in Nevada. When gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931 the name of the game was changed from the Chinese Lottery to ‘horse race keno’ since lotteries remained illegal in Nevada. Since then the game has achieved nationwide popularity. Video keno machines can be found in several western states and in some states there is hardly a tavern or pub without an electronic keno machine.

Because of its similarity to bingo keno has become a very popular game at most internet bingo sites. In fact keno players at internet bingo sites can play highly sophisticated keno games that are far superior to most keno games found in live casinos. To play keno players place their bets and are given a card with numbers one through eighty. Players then mark the numbers on the card they think will be called during the game. The individual casino sets the maximum numbers that can be played.

Different casinos and internet bingo sites have different keno payouts. Payouts are usually based on the maximum numbers allowed by the casino. A casino with a maximum of 10 numbers is going to have a different payout than a casino with a maximum of 20 numbers. At internet bingo sites the maximum number allowed is determined by the individual website. Internet bingo sites in a network will have the same payout policies and set maximum numbers. The jackpot is won if all of the numbers selected by the player are drawn. For example to win the keno jackpot a player has to pick 10 numbers and have all 10 numbers drawn. Players with fewer correct numbers can win lesser prizes.

There are really no set rules for keno games because different bingo sites have different ways of playing the game. The most basic part of the game is that players place their bets and then select their numbers. Electronic keno at internet bingo sites can be a pleasant diversion from internet bingo games.