Foxy Bingo Head Stolen at Internet Bingo Trade Show

Most internet bingo fans in the UK are familiar with the Foxy bingo television commercial character with his distinctive fox head. During the past year internet bingo operators have engaged in a massive television advertising campaign to increase brand awareness and inform viewers of their bingo bonuses and bingo promotions. At a recent internet bingo business event participants could see Foxy swaggering through the crowds shaking hands and getting hugs from fans.

Unfortunately Foxy decided to take his costume head off for some light refreshments and drinks and when he came back to retrieve his head it was gone! PartyGaming/Cashcade who operate Foxy Bingo immediately offered a reward of £500 ($807.154 USD) pounds for the safe return of the head and Foxy Bingo’s competitors stepped up to the plate and offered a reward of £1,000 ($1,614.31 USD). One UK online bingo blog received the following anonymous email;

Subject: Foxy Head
Has been stolen at the show. They are offering £500 for its return. However opposition is offering £1000

It would appear that a bidding war for the famous costume head has begun. So far there have been no ransom demands. One reporter caught up with the man who plays the Foxy character but instead of the distinctive Foxy costume he was dressed as a huge green bingo ball which he said ‘weighed a ton.’ This is not the first time Foxy has been the victim of a prank. On a previous cruise organized by Foxy bingo a cardboard cutout of the famous character was kidnapped. One bingo blog said there are photos on Facebook showing the head in ‘unusual places.’ Several UK bingo blogs have also received pictures of the famous head. One can only hope that the whole affair is just a harmless prank and no destructive behavior will be involved.

Since Foxy is such a well known character among UK internet bingo players most likely the company will have to have another head fabricated if the stolen one is not returned. Good luck to everyone involved in the search for Foxy’s head!