How to Settle a Bingo Complaint

Most internet bingo sites are honest and above board. In fact many bingo operators are publicly traded companies that go to great lengths to maintain their reputation. Most disputes at bingo sites are caused by the failure of players to read site policies and terms and conditions. Policies vary from site to site making it necessary for players to keep themselves informed about site policies. Many disputes arise when a player tries to make a withdrawal of their winnings. Many sites have specific wagering requirements and it is the player’s responsibility to understand wagering and withdrawal policies. Most internet bingo sites are eager to resolve player disputes because several disputes or complaints would affect their reputation among players. If players have a legitimate complaint here are a few helpful suggestions on how to resolve a dispute.

If you are a regular established player the best place to start is with the site’s customer service department. You can also take your complaint to a chat monitor but this is less effective. Most CM’s are very busy and do not have the time to deal with complaints. If you do deal with a CM be sure to be polite or you may find yourself banned from the site making the dispute difficult to resolve. If the bingo site has a phone number posted then try calling customer support or whoever is in charge of handling customer complaints. If these methods fail then try writing to customer service at the company’s headquarters. If you need to take your complaint further (to a gaming commission) you will have a written record.

Before you file any complaint be sure your complaint does not revolve around an issue that is covered in the site’s terms and conditions.  The fact that you may think the site’s policies are unfair is a moot point because when you signed up you agreed to all the rules and terms of the internet bingo site.

If you are getting nowhere with your complaint and you are sure it is legitimate than you should contact the gaming commission of the jurisdiction the site is licensed in. For UK residents this is easy to do and they can contact the UK gambling commission. Keep in mind that the UK commission will not be able to help you with complaints about internet bingo sites licensed offshore. If the site you have a complaint about is licensed overseas then you will have to contact the body that administrates gaming licenses in that jurisdiction.

Fortunately complaints about internet bingo sites are few and far between. Since internet bingo games are not considered a ‘soft’ form of gambling there are not many rogue operators and rogue bingo sites usually are put out of business quickly. At the present time internet bingo is probably the safest form of gambling on the internet.