Internet Bingo-How Safe Is It ?

Millions have made the switch from traditional land based bingo to internet bingo. There are many reasons for the recent influx of players but most cite convenience, price and social media opportunities as the top reasons for making the switch to internet bingo. Some players may be reluctant to make the switch because of security concerns and fear of identity theft. While these are legitimate concerns just how safe is internet bingo?

Many wonder if their financial transactions at internet bingo sites will be safe. Today most bingo sites use state of the art highly sophisticated encryption technology for all transactions. The software is virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to financial information. Look for bingo sites with the VeriSign logo. In addition reputable bingo sites will allow you to access a record of all transactions and players can spot any anomalies. Make sure the security software is from a reputable provider. Google is a player’s best friend players can research any security company anywhere in the world.

Many reputable online casinos and internet bingo sites provide monthly reports on all payouts made. Players at bingo sites that do this can be assured that the site actually pays players what they are owed. If the site uses an independent accounting firm to provide these reports so much the better. Be sure to research and read the withdrawal experiences of other players. This can save a player a lot of trouble in the future. While some bingo sites may be flashy and advertise fantastic jackpots and [prizes, what good are they if players cannot withdraw their winnings.  Go to Casinomeister.com and read some of the reports. It is amazing what some casinos try to get away with!

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is an organization that tests online casinos and internet bingo sites to make sure players are not being cheated. Bingo sites must meet certain requirements to obtain the approval of this organization. The organization maintains an excellent website that is a fantastic source of information for players. On their website they state that one of their functions is to “Enforce industry standards through inspections, reviews, and continuous monitoring of every aspect of online gaming operations, including business efficiency, dispute procedures, customer service and support, responsible gaming measures and fair gaming.” Players at an internet bingo site approved by this organization can be sure that all games are aboveboard.

There should be no reason for any player to fear switching to internet bingo. Just do a little research first.