Internet Bingo’s Global Impact

Internet gambling has had a global impact and the industry continues to grow despite a tenacious recession. The industry is even growing in the United States which banned online gambling in 2006. Billions of dollars are up for grabs and the online gaming industry provides jobs for tens of thousands of employees. In the UK and some parts of Europe internet bingo has been the driving force behind industry expansion. Most high profile internet bingo sites have reported increased numbers of players and record setting revenues.

Once the domain of seniors and pensioners bingo has gone online and attracted millions of players. In fact the internet bingo industry is worth about $2 billion dollars annually and that figure increases every year. Bingo’s ability to adapt to changing times and new technologies has made it a drawing card for younger tech savvy players. Player retention is high at most internet bingo sites because of the sense of community among players. The high player retention rate makes bingo particularly attractive to investors. Online poker players tend to jump from site to site while most bingo players stick with a single website. One recent study pointed out that about two new bingo sites were launched every week in 2010. For land based players the news is not so good. The same study showed that about two land based bingo halls closed every month in the UK.

Internet bingo now rivals for the top spot in the online gaming industry. One of the chief attractions for players is the opportunity for online socialization. Times have been very busy for chat rooms and chat moderators at online bingo sites. Many internet bingo providers have launched new social media web pages and are offering players more interactive features including live bingo callers. Bingo has had a global impact on the gaming industry. At any given time there may be thousands of players in a single internet bingo room from several countries. In the last three years internet bingo has expanded into Spain, Scandinavia, Italy and Argentina. The top ten countries for internet bingo are; the UK, Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia.

Internet bingo provides entertainment 24/7 and there is always a game to fit anyone’s schedule. Side games such as video poker, online roulette and slots are a popular diversion at bingo sites. Internet bingo has clearly had a global impact and most experts say this will continue into the foreseeable future.