Intralot Launches Live Internet Bingo Platform in Italy

The online gaming industry has done very well in Italy. Now Greek gaming giant Intralot has announced the launch of internet bingo sites targeting Italian bingo players. According to the company’s official website Intralot Italia will introduce live internet bingo. The offering will include live bongo presenters interacting with players in real time. Intralot Italia was established in 2006m and took advantage of changes in Italian gaming laws and acquired licenses for horseracing and fixed odds betting in Italy. Players will also be encouraged to interact with bingo presenters on the popular social media site Facebook.

Intralot is welcoming all Italian bingo players to their new sites and said that players can win real cash and participate in daily drawings held by their bingo presenters. Intralot’s Italian CEO Enea Ruzzettu stated, “The introduction of a Live Presenter in our Online Bingo game confirms the company’s strategy to continuously develop technological innovation and functionality. It also shows our commitment to create a community where gaming is not a solitary experience, but an occasion to socialize through entertainment. We are very keen to build on our current success in the Italian market by launching new products in the country’s interactive space in particular.”

Intralot is a well established gaming company that supplies gaming platforms and transaction processing systems to worldwide gaming organizations. Intralot is also one of the largest lottery vendors and lottery operators and has a presence in 50 countries. Intralot provides numerical games, TV lottery games, sports lotteries, fixed odds betting, instant lotteries, pari-mutuel betting, video lottery a, monitor games and now internet bingo. CEO Ruzzettu said that although internet bingo has only existed in Italy for a short time its net worth has risen from zero in 2009 to €18 million ($24,484,531.07 USD) a month in December 2010.

Offshore internet bingo providers will be watching the Italian market closely. Many in the industry feel the UK and European markets are saturated with bingo sites and bingo providers will have to look elsewhere for new players. Intralot will operate two virtual bingo rooms and Intralot hopes to offer an innovative interface that will have widespread appeal. Most internet bingo operators are providing live bingo callers and many plan to add even more interactive features this year. Many in the industry are pinning their hopes on mobile bingo to remain profitable. Internet bingo has been a huge growth industry in Italy and this trend is expected to continue.