UK Internet Gaming Industry Still Going Strong!

Internet gambling in the UK has been around for well over a decade. Online gambling appeared on the scene when most UK homes did not have an internet connection. Increased internet access and faster internet speeds have enabled online gambling companies to provide UK residents with a wide variety of casino games. Today there are hundreds of gambling websites offering their services to players globally. The internet gambling industry is stronger today thanks to a combination of factors.

Industry reports say that internet bingo is one of the main driving forces behind the rapid growth on the online gambling industry. In the UK internet bingo is the most popular and widely played game online. Bingo became popular in the UK in the 1950’s and commercial bingo became legal in the 60’s and is a part of British culture. The UK ranks third in the ranks of countries with the highest number of internet bingo players. Some reports say that the UK is actually in first place and is the world’s largest internet bingo market. Today there are about 400 bingo sites serving the demand for internet bingo in the UK.

In the last four years there has been an explosion of players at UK bingo sites. Even when the global recession was at its worst internet bingo was still a growth industry in the UK. Today internet bingo is a two billion dollar a year business in the UK and that figure is expected to double by 2012. Internet bingo sites have gone to great lengths to provide players with the most realistic experience possible to make the transition from live bingo to online bingo as pleasant as possible. Most internet bingo sites provide players with new interactive features and live chat. Most internet bingo games today do not have to be downloaded and players can log on to their favorite site and play instantly.

The popularity of online casinos is also growing in the UK. Online casinos provide players with exciting games such as slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. Like internet bingo sites most casinos provide players with generous bingo bonus offers and other player incentives. In addition UK gambling sites are regulated for the protection of players. Digital encryption programs keep the financial and personal details of players safe and secure. Online gambling is here to stay and the UK government has taken a very rational approach of regulation and taxation. In 2011 many internet bingo sites and casinos plan to introduce mobile gaming applications which will make online gambling even more popular and lucrative.