Where Do All Those Bingo Players Come From?

There are millions of bingo players around the world. Some play at local bingo halls and some play internet bingo. During recent years internet bingo has experienced astounding growth as an industry. In fact a few reports have said that internet bingo is a driving force in the profitability of the online gaming industry in the UK. Even during the worst of the global financial meltdown the internet bingo industry continues its growth providing employment for thousands. Who are these bingo players and where do they come from? A recent report sheds some light on this very subject.

Bingo statistics vary from nation to nation but basic trends remain the same. As an example in the UK about 70% of all bingo players are women and about 30% are men. The UK has the largest percentage of male bingo players in the world. In the United States a vast majority of bingo players are females. Globally Women account for about 80% of all bingo players, both land based and internet bingo. The number of male players remains small, about 20%. Some explain the low number of male players is due to the stereotype of bingo being a woman’s game.

Globally about 100 million people play bingo. Of these 100 million bingo players about half play daily. These figures have not gone unnoticed by both the land based and internet bingo industries. Both industries try to market their games effectively to appeal to a majority of players who just happen to be women. Internet bingo operators in the UK recently launched a television advertising blitz on daytime TV shows, the very time when most women watch television.

It was revealed that players 65 and older prefer to play at bingo clubs. Global statistics show that those between the ages of 18 and 24 make up 13.75% of all bingo players. Those between the ages of 25 and 34 make up for 15.96% and those between 35 and 49 make up about 25.26% of all bingo players, a clear majority. As ages increase the figures take a downward turn with those between 50 and 54 making up 5.82% of all players and those between 55 and 64 make up 6.66% of all players worldwide. Players over the age of 65 only make up 2.96% of all bingo players.

The old stereotype of bingo as an old folk’s game has been destroyed forever. Internet bingo has helped to destroy old views about bingo. Today a clear majority of internet bingo players are under 30 and it is common to see groups of younger players at bingo halls everywhere. If you ever wanted to know where all those bingo players came from, now you know!