Why Online Gambling Has Been So Successful

Online gambling used to be regarded as a somewhat shady business but those days are long past. Today the stocks of most major online gaming companies are traded on stock exchanges around the world. In fact one top financial services advisor said that online gambling stocks were a sure winner during the worst of the global recession. Since most of the top gaming firms are publicly traded companies they go to great lengths to make sure that all games are honest and aboveboard. Thanks to two decades of technological advances players can be assured of realistic casino games. Just about every gambling game is available on the web. Online gambling companies now provide excellent customer service and unmatched security features.

In the UK internet bingo and poker are the two most popular games. One industry report said that internet bingo was the driving force behind increased industry profits in the UK and Europe. Internet bingo has continued to grow and thrive under recession conditions. Players at internet bingo sites operated by publicly traded companies enjoy a great deal of protection. Publicly traded companies are regulated by government agencies and must submit reports to public auditors to ensure compliance with financial regulations. The UK government maintains a ‘white list’ of approved licensing jurisdictions. The jurisdictions on the white list must adhere to very strict regulations governing conduct and only sites licensed in white list countries can advertise in the UK. The European Union has similar regulations regarding online gaming.

Most major online bingo sites are also subject to scrutiny by gambling commissions adding an extra layer of protection for players. Unfortunately American players do not enjoy the same protections as their European counterparts thanks to ill advised anti online gaming legislation. Many online gaming sites use software designed to identify problem gamblers and will take appropriate action when a problem gambler is identified. Online gambling is big business and most of the major players do not want to lose revenue because of less than ethical activities. Online gambling has come a long way since the old days with a ‘wild west’ atmosphere. Today online gaming firms are respectable businesses providing players with affordable entertainment and the chance to win some serious cash.