75 And 90 Ball Bingo Games-A Quick Review

There are two major bingo games and depending on where a player lives determines which version is the most popular. Traditional 75 ball bingo is favored in the United States and Canada while 90 ball bingo is the favored game in the United Kingdom and its former colonies. In Australia and New Zealand 90 ball bingo is known as ‘housie.’ In both games players mark off numbers on a bingo card as they are randomly called out. Internet bingo players generally use the auto daub feature to avoid mistakes when playing many cards simultaneously.

A typical 75 ball bingo games is played on a bingo care with a five by five grid. There are 24 numbers on a 75 ball card and one free space in the center of the card. In traditional 75 ball games players must mark all five spaces vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Many 75 ball games use special card patters. At Christmastime the Christmas tree pattern is very popular and there are hundreds of possible card patterns. 90 ball bingo cards are laid out in such a way that special patterns are not possible. Generally the word ‘Bingo’ is above the five columns with one letter assigned to each column. This is so players can easily find the right numbers in the right column quickly during a game. It is common for players to play several cards at once.

As has been mentioned 90 ball bingo is the most popular bingo game in the UK and Europe. 90 ball bingo cards use a three by nine grid. 90 ball cards have 27 squares but only have 15 numbers placed around the card. There is no free square on 90 ball bingo cards. 90 ball bingo cards, or ‘tickets’ as they are known in the UK have rows containing five numbers and four blank spaces. The first column contains the numbers from 1 through 9, the second column contains numbers from 10 through 19 and the third column contains 20 through 29 and so forth until the last column which contains the numbers 80 to 90.

Both games are available at most internet bingo sites. Bingo sites targeting American players usually offer more 75 ball games and sites targeting the UK will have more 90 ball games. Many internet bingo sites also offer 80 and 30 ball bingo games also known as ‘speed bingo’ because of the short duration of games. 75 and 90 ball bingo games give players the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money for very small wagers which is probably why online bingo games are so popular.