Bingo Packing Them In At Vegas Bingo Halls !

For many casinos bingo was once a loss leader but not anymore. Bingo now brings in big bucks as players spend money on games, drinks and food. In addition many bingo players gravitate towards the slots after the bingo games are over and casinos attached to a resort or hotel report that bingo players bring in a sizable percentage of the casino’s income. Weldon Russell director of ancillary gaming for Station Casinos stated, “Bingo is extremely important to the company. The truth of it is, you know, if you bring 200 people to the property eight times a day, there’s residual value there.”

Casinos offering bingo are implementing measures to make bingo attractive to a younger generation of players. In the UK internet bingo has provided many live bingo halls with a new generation of players ensuring the survival of many bingo halls across the country. One major UK bingo operator plans to invest millions of pounds into their Midlands bingo operations. Some experts differ about when bingo started becoming fashionable with the young. Some experts say 10 years while other say three or four years. Regardless bingo now appeals to players in their early 20’s and a quick perusal of most Las Vegas bingo halls will confirm this. Today the crowd at most bingo halls is mixed. There are the typical senior players but there are also a striking number of young female players.

Many resorts realized that bingo needed a makeover to appeal to a younger audience. Casinos and resorts have added a variety of electronic options and games with bigger payouts. Weldon Russell told interviewers, “What we’ve done recently is put some stuff in to interest the younger generation.” Station Casinos hosted million dollar bingo, a two day event where a million dollars was paid out to lucky bingo players. Another casino hosted bingo games where $30,000 dollars was paid out each day.

For large payout bingo games casinos have had to double the number of seats available for games. The high stakes bingo games attracted players from across the US and Canada. There used to be several bingo halls on the Las Vegas strip but these were replaced in the 1990’s by nightclubs, and gourmet restaurants. Bingo has made a stunning comeback in Vegas and the number of bingo halls has grown from five to twenty eight.  In Las Vegas it looks like live bingo is growing as fast as internet bingo has in the UK and Europe.