Chat Room Etiquette-A Quick Review

Chat rooms are an important feature at any internet bingo site. In fact surveys have shown that many players will choose a bingo site on the quality of the chat rooms and the sense of community at bingo sites. The community atmosphere is one of the reasons that internet bingo has such a high player retention rate. Once a bingo player feels comfortable at a bingo site they usually become loyal players and many bingo sites have generous player loyalty schemes in place. Internet bingo chat rooms have their own rules of etiquette. Most of these rules are based on common sense and the ‘golden rule.’ Bingo players are much different than most gamblers and are a gregarious lot. There are certain rules and standards of conduct that bingo players are expected to follow and here is a quick review of these rules.

Players should always respect the shat moderator and other players. The chat moderator is there to help players, resolve disputes, welcome new players and keep the games going smoothly. Occasionally tempers flare and chat moderators are there to make sure things do not get out of hand. Fortunately most bingo players are polite by nature and disputes are rare.

Typing in caps is considered as ‘shouting’ and is looked upon a rude behavior.  In fact typing in caps is frowned upon in chat rooms across the internet and is looked down upon in all circumstances.

Always avoid making disparaging remarks about other players and avoid malicious gossip at all costs. It disrupts the chat room and takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Unacceptable remarks that can get a player banned at most sites include ethnic, sexual, and racial slurs. Foul language is also unacceptable. Some sites have adult themed chat rooms for those that like adult chat.

Players should treat other players with respect at all times.  Treat other players as you want to be treated.

Spamming chat rooms or advertising for other online bingo sites is usually strictly prohibited. This is just plain common sense and no explanation should be necessary.

If a player has run out of credits they are prohibited from asking other players for credits and may not solicit loans from other players.

Be sure to pick a screen name that is appropriate and not offensive to other players.

These are the most basic rules to ensure that you have the most pleasant chat room experience possible. If you are new to the game the chat moderator will help you navigate through the ins and outs of the games. Other players are usually helpful and realize that they were once new to the game. Just follow these simple rules, use common sense and you should have no problems at all.