Internet Bingo Benefits Live Bingo Halls

Recently there have been conflicting news stories about the state of land based bingo in the United Kingdom. One report revealed that last year bingo halls closed at an alarming rate in the UK while another report pointed out a resurgence in live bingo games. The truth probably lies somewhere in between the conflicting reports. Ever since the implementation of a national smoking ban in 2007 bingo halls have been in serious financial trouble. Excessive taxation has been another issue bingo halls have had to deal with and bingo is the highest taxed form of gambling in the UK. Even worse, recent changes in the law have allowed local governments to set license fees for bingo halls. Cash strapped towns got greedy and raised licensing fees of 60% in many cases causing the closure of several bingo halls resulting in lost jobs and income.

Recently it was reported that Mecca bingo will be spending millions of pounds on the refurbishment of its bingo halls in the Midlands region. Mecca has been in the bingo business for decades and if they are investing money they must expect business to improve. In the past some blamed the rise of internet bingo for the decline of live bingo but the exact opposite may be the case. Many new players at bingo halls were introduced to bingo on the internet and decided to try the games at live bingo halls. Generally these new players are much younger and tech savvy. It is now a common sight at UK bingo halls to see a group of young attractive ladies having a ‘girl’s night out’ at the local bingo club.

Internet bingo has been the driving force behind the expansion of the online gaming industry for about two years.  New internet bingo sites like BingoBoat appear almost weekly and there are about 400 bingo sites targeting the UK. Many top tier bingo operators have spent millions on television advertising especially during daytime shows that target women, bingo’s chief demographic. Internet bingo does have a distinct advantage because it is accessible 24/7. Players attending live bingo games must adhere to the schedule of the individual bingo hall. In spite of these disadvantages many younger women love to get dressed up for a lively night at the local bingo hall. Bingo has attracted many men because of the ratio of female to male players. These is room for growth in the live and internet bingo  industries and clearly one benefits the other.