Internet Bingo For Americans

In the UK bingo players have never had it so good. There are hundreds of internet bingo sites to choose from and almost every town and hamlet has its own High Street bingo hall. Many pubs and social clubs have bingo nights and quite a few UK charities use bingo as their fundraiser of choice.  UK bingo players have a wide variety of bingo games to choose from 24/7. In addition most UK bingo sites are subject to government regulations designed to protect bingo players from fraud and other unethical practices. Recently a prominent bingo operator was forced to pull their television ads because the ad did not provide details on wagering requirements associated with a promotion.

In the US things are different. Thanks to federal laws American bingo players who play american online bingo games have been left at the mercy of bingo sites that may or may not be operating in an ethical manner. Sadly most UK internet bingo sites do not accept American players because of strict laws. US laws essentially prohibit the processing of any gambling related transaction. Executives from two major online payment providers have been arrested while traveling in the US and extorted for millions causing both companies to exit the US market. American internet bingo players have had to be creative in finding methods to fund accounts at internet bingo sites and casinos.  Some American players have even gone as far as establishing accounts at foreign banks to fund bingo accounts and withdraw winnings. Establishing an offshore bank account can be a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare.

Fortunately there are still many reputable internet bingo sites serving American players. Many sites are easily the equal of UK bingo sites and offer players huge jackpots and a wide variety of player incentives. Fortunately American players looking for a reputable internet bingo provider have a plethora of information at their fingertips. Bingo review sites are a great place to start. If a bingo site is consistently receiving bad reviews it is probably wise to avoid that particular bingo site. Internet bingo sites that operate in a blatantly dishonest manner usually don’t last long on the internet thanks to bingo reviews and ratings.

Hopes were high last year that US online gambling laws would change but hopes were dashed when Republicans took over the House of Representatives. Most Republicans are unsympathetic to any kind of gambling so the US may have to wait years before any changes in the law are made. In the meantime American players have a wide variety of reputable bingo sites to choose from.