Live Bingo Making a Comeback in the UK

A few short years ago live bingo was in serious decline across the United Kingdom. The national smoking ban dealt the first and most serious blow to the industry. Attendance at games declined as much as 60% and a survey taken at the time showed that about 63% of all bingo players were smokers. The second blow to love bingo came in the form of higher taxation. Bingo had a special VAT tax added on making bingo the highest taxed form of gambling in the UK. Recently many local governments raised license fees for bingo halls putting even more pressure on local bingo clubs.

The global recession also put pressure on the live bingo industry but had a positive effect on the internet bingo industry. Internet bingo helped the game shed its reputation as a game for senior citizens and pensioners. Some people blamed internet bingo for the decline in live bingo but nothing could be further from the truth. Internet bingo has created a whole new generation of bingo players and many younger players now attend live games at local bingo halls in addition to playing online bingo. Many also feel that the extensive television advertising campaign by internet bingo operators has given bingo a whole new image and the game now appeals to a much wider age range. Many bingo sites are using well known celebrities to promote their brands and are sponsoring popular television shows.

Bingo’s new image has lured many younger players to live bingo halls creating a renaissance of sorts for live bingo in the UK. Recently bingo giant Mecca announced it was going to invest millions of pounds in several live bingo halls in the Midlands. Today a majority of players at live bingo halls are under 35 years old.  Today it is very common to see groups of very young ladies enjoying a typical ‘girls night out’ at the local bingo club. Wherever the ladies are men are sure to follow and many live bingo halls report more male players than ever before.

Bingo is sure to remain popular in the UK for decades to come. The influx of younger players ensures the survival of the game. Thanks to online bingo the game has gained hundreds of thousands of new players who will continue to play well into the 21st century.