Live Online Roulette Booming in the UK

During the last five years the UK has experienced what can only be called a massive internet bingo boom. Bingo first went online in the late 1990’s and from humble beginnings is now a $2 billion dollar a year industry in the UK. About four million people in the UK play online bingo regularly and millions play daily. Commercial television stations are jammed with ads for internet bingo sites and the industry spends millions every year on television advertising. Bingo has shed its former image as a game for pensioners and the elderly and is now trendy among younger tech savvy players. Many industry analysts say that bingo will continue to grow during the next two years.

Many wonder what the next big online gaming fad will be and some are making some early predictions. Many expect the bingo industry to consolidate during the next two years and many smaller bingo sites will either be acquired by bigger sites or will go out of business. Some in the gaming industry predict that live online roulette will become one of the most popular online games in the UK and Europe. Roulette is becoming more and more popular at live casinos and a few years ago roulette was the most popular side game at most internet bingo sites.  Roulette players no longer have to visit a live casino to experience the excitement of roulette. Roulette can now be played in betting shops, at internet bingo sites, online casinos and also on live television in the UK.

In the UK television roulette is now experiencing rapid growth similar to the bingo boom of the past few years. Players can experience all of the excitement provided by roulette on mainstream television in the UK. Television shows like Challenge Jackpot and Super Casino offer live roulette to late night audiences. It has been reported that both of these shows payout about ten million pounds to winners every month. The shows use live roulette wheels and have several interactive features. Players over the age of 18 can log on and sign up for an account and place wagers on exciting roulette games. Players can also play at most internet bingo sites that offer roulette as a side game. Many internet bingo sites offer both American and European roulette. Online live roulette may be the next sector of the online gaming industry to explode.