New Internet Bingo Bonuses Provide Players With Better Value

There are many reasons people are attracted to internet bingo. Price, convenience, social networking opportunities and accessibility are all important factors. Internet bingo is one of the least expensive forms of gaming available to players and players can win substantial amounts of money for a very small wager.  In addition internet bingo players do not have to venture out in inclement weather to play their favorite game. For many players one of the chief attractions of internet bingo are the many bonuses provided by bingo sites.

Bingo bonuses take many forms. The most common bonus is the deposit bingo bonus. There are two types of deposit bonus; a fixed monetary amount and a bonus based on a percentage of a player’s deposit.  Most commonly percentage based bonuses are usually about 200% to 400% but bonuses of 600% are not unheard of. The most generous deposit bonuses are usually awarded for a first initial deposit. Most bingo sites like Bingoboat also offer players re deposit or reload bonuses. Generally the percentage awarded on reload bonuses is not as great as initial deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses have been popular but recently many bingo operators have switched to bonuses designed to give paying customers more value for their money. Many internet bingo operators decided that many players were taking unfair advantage of no deposit bonuses using a practice known as ‘bonus jumping. Bonus jumpers would sign up at a site play the entire bonus and then move on to the next site. To prevent this many bingo operators switched to daily, weekly and special bonuses awarded to depositing players. Most bingo sites left the deposit bonuses in place but eliminated the no deposit offers.

Convenience is a big factor that attracts players to internet bingo. During last year’s severe winter storms many bingo sites reported an astounding increase in traffic resulting in record fourth quarter profits for many bingo operators. Online players did not have to venture out during the storms and most land based bingo halls reported minimal attendance at games during the storms. In some sections of the UK bingo halls closed entirely due to impassable roadways. Internet bingo players happily chatted away from the warm comfort of home as the storms raged outside.

Bingo bonuses are still one of the most effective marketing strategies and give online players greater value for their hard earned pounds Euros and dollars. It is not likely that bingo bonuses will disappear anytime soon.