Pensioner’s Bingo Syndicate Donates a Large Check to Charity

Bingo syndicates are popular with land based and internet bingo players. Bingo syndicates are very similar to lottery syndicates. Basically a syndicate is an agreement among a group of players to share any winnings. Players that are considering forming a syndicate should make sure the agreement is spelled our clearly and is on paper and signed by all the participants in the syndicate. In the past there have been misunderstandings which have led to the permanent breakup of long friendships. There have been several news reports about lottery syndicates gone bad. In two highly publicized cases the disagreements led to disruptions in the workplace causing many employers to ban lottery syndicates entirely.

Bingo syndicates have experienced their share of troubles but generally bingo syndicates have worked well for players at live bingo halls and at internet bingo sites. Fortunately most of the news about bingo syndicates has been good news. When it comes to large sums of money people can change quickly and greed rears its ugly head so a written agreement is very important.

One London bingo syndicate formed by pensioners has a different purpose than most syndicates. The syndicate has raised hundreds of pounds through raffles and bingo winnings. Most of the syndicate members are in their eighties and nineties and their caretakers chipped in to help them in their charitable efforts. Yvonne Warren, 81, organized the group and recently presented a check to the Haverhill First Responders. Warren credits the syndicate with keeping her active and told reporters, “I am just active and I think it keeps me going. I organize the raffles and fish and chip suppers. Everyone here supports us; a lot of people donate their bingo winnings. They also give some really good prizes and are very generous.”

The First Responders in Haverhill provide lifesaving services in times of emergency and the donation by the Haverhill internet bingo club will help them in their efforts to provide essential services to local residents. The first responders will use the bingo money to upgrade equipment. Bingo has long been used to raise money for a wide variety of causes. This is one of the first times an internet bingo syndicate has been used for charitable purposes. With the internet bingo industry growing and expanding there has never been a better time for players to form internet bingo syndicates. Hopefully other online bingo players will duplicate the Haverhill syndicates charitable efforts.