Bingo Under the Stars

Most bingo players who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s remember going to drive in movie theatres to watch the latest Hollywood releases. In the 70’s drive in movies went out of fashion and by 1980 there were only a few drive in theatres left. Towards the end most drive in theatres showed the movies that did not attract large audiences and eventually most drive ins closed forever. In Ireland an enterprising entrepreneur has resurrected the concept of the drive in theatre and has applied it to one the most popular games in the UK; bingo!

Seamus Davis has organized several drive in bingo events in County Meath Ireland. Many say that the concept was inspired by the smoking ban. All that is needed for a drive in bingo event is a large field and a lot of bingo players. Last year the drive in bingo events were successful but became impractical during the winter months. The weather is getting warmer and it is anybody’s guess whether the warmer weather will bring more drive in bingo games. Players will be able to enjoy a smoke and a drink while playing bingo under the stars.

So far the concept has not been tries in England but many say that drive in games would attract many players especially smokers who are now pariahs at local bingo halls. The drive in bingo concept is simple; players drive into the field after purchasing their bingo tickets on the way in. They then find a suitable parking space and turn their car off. Winners honk their horns and one of the organizers comes around and gives them their bingo jackpot. Food and drinks are available and players simply call a number and a waiter takes their order and delivers it to their car. Davis the event organizer stated, “It’s also a great laugh and there’s been a lot of positive reaction. You can relax in your own car with friends or family, have a smoke if you want, and enjoy the game and not worry about parking. It is really catching on, and word of mouth is helping out with this.”

The concept may appeal to internet bingo players who fancy a night out. For Irish bingo players Drive in bingo is taking place in County Meath Dublin and Wexford. Like internet bingo low overhead allows drive in bingo operators to provide players with larger jackpots than those found in traditional bingo clubs. A couple of internet bingo operators have expressed interest in holding similar bingo events for promotional purposes.