Facebook Bingo

Facebook is one of the most well known websites in the world. Facebook has about 600,000,000 active users around the world. Facebook users may create a personal profile, add friends, exchange messages and automatically notify friends when they update their profile. Users may form and join common interest groups and many Facebook groups are devoted to internet bingo. Facebook has attracted a younger crowd of users and in the UK young female internet bingo players comprise a majority of participants at Facebook bingo groups. Studies have shown that internet bingo is wildly popular among UK females in their 20’s. In fact internet bingo is the most popular online game among British females 20-25.

Younger internet bingo players commonly use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate and stay abreast of current bingo news. Many internet bingo sites have Facebook fan pages where players can check out the latest promotions, bonuses; cash back offers and special games and tournaments. For many players bingo is a part of their daily routine and is common for young players to check in at their favorite bingo site and play a few games during idle midday moments. Many younger players are foregoing visits to the local pub in favor of internet bingo games on weekends. Many players use bingo games to unwind after a hectic day at work and find the game calming and meditative and rewarding.

Bingo players have always had a sense of community. Traditionally friends and neighbors would gather at the local bingo hall for an evening of fun and socialization. The chat rooms at bingo sites enable online players to maintain the same sense of community enjoyed by players at land based bingo halls. Bingo chat rooms are very similar to instant messaging systems found at most social networking sites. Many internet bingo players form close friendships and use chat rooms to organize specific times to play bingo online games. Many players will play at the same time every evening to play with their online friends. Last year one bingo site organized a live meeting for players who had formed friendships online.

Most younger players use social media websites daily making social media websites like Facebook perfect for promoting games and promotions to younger players. The use of Facebook as a marketing strategy has paid off handsomely for the internet bingo industry.