Hopes High For US Online Gambling Legalization

More rumors are circulating about the possibility of the United States legalizing online gaming by the end of 2011. During the last five years many internet bingo sites have reported a surge in the number of US internet bingo players. Unfortunately many UK bingo sites block American players because of draconian anti gambling laws in the United States. A recent move by the Washington DC lottery may open the door to online gambling and internet bingo in the US. The DC lottery is setting up an online gaming site that will offer DC residents virtual poker. So far there has been no congressional opposition to the move.

In spite of federal regulations the American internet bingo market is thriving and millions are going out of the country untaxed. In addition offshore bingo sites are making billions in untaxed income. American players are also barred from using reputable online payment processors like PayPal because of federal laws. For years Massachusetts Representative Barney frank has focused a lot of his energies to re legalize online gaming in the United States. Frank has proposed a bill that would tax and regulate online gambling in the US and has convinced a Republican Representative to co sponsor the bill. Many believe the bipartisan effort could bring about the legalization of online gambling by the end of 2011.

There is opposition to frank’s bill and two sponsors of the original anti online gambling laws are still in congress. Many hope that Republican legislators will adhere to their party’s underlying philosophy of less government regulation. The US is experiencing a severe budget crunch and every bit of tax revenue is needed to provide essential government services. It should be patently obviously to those in congress that the effort to ban online gambling including internet bingo has been very unsuccessful. Frank hopes his bill will protect American players from unscrupulous offshore gaming operators.

Policymakers and congressmen need to bow to the overwhelming demand for legalized online gaming. All enforcement efforts have been ineffective and a total waste of taxpayer resources that could be better used elsewhere. Most players believe that paying some sort of tax is a small price to pay for the freedom to gamble and protection from rogue gaming operators. In addition to providing additional tax revenue sites based in the United States would employ thousands and add new jobs. Legalizing online gambling is a win win situation for everyone!