New Internet Bingo Trends

Today about three million people play online bingo regularly. About 90% of all players are under the age of 50 and 85% of all online bingo players are female. According to gaming company St. Minver the top three bingo markets are the UK, the United States and, surprisingly, Japan. The internet bingo industry is always adding new innovations such as improved software, new games, bingo bonuses and other player incentives, promotions and interactive features. Internet bingo has come a long way since the first online bingo software was developed by Parlay Entertainment. One of the newest additions to the online bingo industry is mobile bingo. Players no longer have to be near a computer or laptop to play internet bingo.

In the early days of internet bingo the game was no more than a few random numbers being called by a robotic voice and a few buttons to click. Early internet bingo games were without flair and uninteresting. Many players considered the early games to be extremely boring. The internet bingo industry struggled along until 2006 when the industry really took off. Advances in flash technology, faster computer speeds and increased broadband access allowed game creators to provide players bingo games with amazing graphics and special effects. The addition of chat rooms greatly increased the popularity of internet bingo and many consider the addition of chat rooms as one of the most important innovations by the internet bingo industry. At some internet bingo sites some chat leaders developed what can only be termed as a ‘cult’ following and every year the bingo industry has special awards for best chat leader. Game developers have added features such as unique and interesting ways to purchase bingo cards, tabbed items and player to player chat functions.

Economically internet bingo has exceeded most expectations. In 2010 revenues generated by the internet bingo industry hit the $2 billion dollar mark, well ahead of most industry predictions. Today the United Kingdom has a thriving internet bingo industry which is well publicized through television and media advertising. The growth of internet bingo has helped the struggling land based bingo industry in the UK. Internet bingo has created a new generation of bingo players and many online players have developed a taste for live bingo games. It is anybody’s guess what the next hot trend will be in the internet bingo industry. Computer technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that new developments are difficult to predict. One thing is certain; most experts say that the internet bingo industry will continue to grow in the near future.