‘Phishermen’ Target Internet Bingo Sites

Online bingo has not been associated with criminality or scams. Unfortunately there are some things beyond the control of site operators. Phishing is one of these scams. Basically phishing is the act of sending a fake email purporting to be from a website familiar to the user with the purpose of deceiving a person into surrendering personal and financial information for the purpose of identity theft. Usually the email will direct the victim to a fake website resembling the legitimate website. Victims will be asked to provide the scammer with personal information, such as passwords and credit card, social security, and bank account details.

Recently there have been several reports of internet bingo players and casino players receiving phishing emails asking for personal information. Usually these are disguised as ‘account updates’ and contain a link to the fraudulent website. In many cases the scammers will brazenly ask for ATM PIN numbers which is a sure sign of a phishing email. Many of these fake emails claim to be from internet bingo sites and try to get unsuspecting players to give out valuable information through an ‘email update.’ Players can avoid becoming a victim by following a few simple tips.

Phishing emails will always ask for information. If is very rare for any internet bingo site to ask for account information via email. While the email may look as if it came from the players bingo hall of choice any request for information should immediately raise several red flags. Scammers want players to click through to a fake website or email back fraudulent ‘updates’ to a player’s account. A legitimate internet bingo site would ask players to log into their personal accounts to update personal information. When sending personal information a lack of encryption should also raise red flags.

Players should never log in to a bingo site through an email link. Keep in mind that any first year computer student can create a fake website; it’s actually that easy! If a player’s account needs attention of any kind it is best to log in to the site in a normal way. If an account needs updated then the player’s account dashboard will reflect that.

Players that receive phishing emails should immediately forward them to customer support. In this way the site operators will be notified of the scam and many players will be spared from becoming victims of the scam.

The internet is a wonderful place. Users can shop, gather news, play games and access just about any information. Unfortunately there are some who use the internet for fraudulent and criminal purposes. By excersing caution and a little common sense players can save themselves and others from falling victim to internet scams.