Playing It Safe

There are hundreds of internet bingo sites operating today. While most are honest and above board there have been a few cases of less than scrupulous operators taking advantage of the trusting nature of most bingo players. In addition there are thousands of hackers whose sole purpose is to steal banking and other personal information. There are also scammers that try to sell the unwitting fake anti spyware programs that can wreck a computer in less than twenty four hours.


Protecting Yourself From Scams

The good news is that there are several ways internet bingo players can protect themselves against hackers and fraudsters. Unless you have gotten a recommendation from a trusted friend you should always investigate any bingo site you are thinking of playing at. Simply Google the name of the site and see what kind of reviews and ratings come up. Google is a player’s best friend in many ways. Try to find an objective review site that is not promoting a specific bingo brand. You can find out all you need to know about a specific bingo site in under five minutes. Those five minutes will be well spent and can save you from most problems down the road.

If you decide to try out a new internet bingo site most IT experts recommend the installation of a good antivirus and spyware program. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg and several reliable antivirus programs are available for free. AVG and SuperAntiSpyware come highly recommended. Windows defender is also free from Microsoft. AVG also offers a feature called LinkSafe that checks links against a large database of known scams and hackers.


Watch Out For Malware

One of the most frequent scams involves the use of fake anti spyware programs. There is actually a company in the Ukraine that specialized in the development of this type of malware. Usually a popup ad will appear saying your computer is infected and offering a free scan. The popup is designed to look exactly like a legitimate Firefox of Internet Explorer notification. If you interact with the popup in any way including clicking the ‘X’ in the dialog box the rogue program will install itself. You will then be treated to a never ending series of annoying ads and in many cases if the program is not purchased it will make it impossible for you to use your computer.

Remember to always read the privacy policy. Make absolutely sure that your privacy and personal information will be carefully guarded. Make sure all information is encrypted. Most reputable internet bingo sites will have all of the encryption information in the FAQ section, and look for 256-bit encryption for maximum security. It’s easy to stay safe online if you just exercise common sense.