The Sixth Annual Online Bingo Summit

From very humble beginnings in 1996 the internet bingo industry has grown into a $2 billion dollar a year business with its own industry and trade associations. It takes people adept in many specialties to operate an internet bingo site. Computer technicians, game and software developers, traditional and internet marketers, chat room leaders, business specialists, search engine optimizers and others all play a part in the smooth operation of an internet bingo site. To stay abreast of the latest developments in all of these specialties representatives from the various sectors of the online bingo industry meet each year in London for the annual Online Bingo Summit sponsored by Bullet business.

This year’s event will be the biggest ever for attendees. It has been estimated that in the UK alone there are between 300 and 400 bingo sites targeting the UK market. In the UK internet bingo is one of the most popular leisure activities and is the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry. This year will be the sixth annual bingo summit and will feature industry experts from top gaming companies. Once again the Victoria Park Plaza will host the world’s largest gathering of internet bingo operators on June 1st and 2nd 2011. As usual player acquisition and retention will be one of the main topics discussed. The gathering will feature 15 unique workshops and this year a customer feedback workshop has been added. Twenty average bingo players will be in attendance and will express their views and ideas.

About 300 people from the internet bingo industry will attend and the summit is considered the most important bingo gathering anywhere. Entering new bingo markets will be a hot topic and bingo operators that have entered non English speaking markets will share their experiences and will identify lucrative new bingo territories. Most of the top software developers and gaming companies will be in attendance and the networking possibilities will be endless.

While it has not been mentioned by the official website one hot topic is sure to be the recent actions by the US government against several online poker sites. The recent seizure of four major poker sites has prompted several internet bingo operators to ban American players and has sent shock waves through the online gambling industry. Many consider the annual bingo summit to be the most important event for the internet bingo sector and previous gatherings have been very well received. Those planning to attend this year’s gathering should make reservations as soon as possible.