Are the Personal Details of Internet Bingo Players Being Sold ?

Two of the main concerns of internet bingo players are privacy and the security of financial details. For anybody who uses the internet security is a prime concern. There have been several cases of databases being hacked and the details sold to cyber criminals around the world. Several criminal networks specialize in similar crimes most notably the Russian Business network which specializes in identity theft and financial crimes. Because of the nature of internet businesses most bingo sites accept payments using a variety of methods. Credit and debit cards are the most commonly used form of payment at most bingo sites. Most reputable bingo sites use state of the art security measures to protect the credit card details of customers. Security programs are constantly updated to stay ahead of cyber criminals. Fortunately there are several reputable online payment processors such as PayPal that are perfectly safe to use for deposits and withdrawals at internet bingo sites. Payment processors work in much the same way as a personal bank account and usually guarantee the safety of all deposited funds.

Personal details are also a cause for concern. Most online bingo players do not want their email addresses given out and do not want their personal information sold to third parties. An email address given to the wrong person or persons could result in the player’s email inbox being full of unwanted spam. Spammers are relentless and once they have an email address they will send hundreds of unwanted emails for a variety of shady goods and services.

A recent report indicates that bingo affiliates are being offered player details for sale. One bingo site said that one of the sites on the list is a major UK internet bingo brand and was displaying player’s name, address, email, and amount deposited along with the player usernames and passwords. The bingo provider said that the alleged security breach was a hoax. Another breach was reported in March by another bingo affiliate but the Information Commissioner’s Office was not notified. At last report the Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the matter and the companies affected have handed over all of the details about the person who is selling the purloined data.

Since most internet bingo operators targeting the UK are located offshore it is unclear just what powers the Information Commissioner’s Office has in those offshore jurisdictions. So far most of the details regarding the breach have been kept secret but should further information emerge it could be extremely costly for the bingo operator because for most players trust is a very important factor in the choice of a site.