Chat Room Etiquette-A Brief Review

Just about every online bingo site has several chat rooms and etiquette in chat rooms is taken very seriously by most players. A ‘chat dispute’ can ruin a game for other players. Bingo chat rooms are not stodgy places and conversations can get quite lively. A certain level of civility and courtesy is expected of all players in a chat room. Being respectful and polite to other players is not only the right thing to do it contributes to the enjoyment of online bingo games. Making fun of someone’s typing skills and badmouthing other players can spoil the whole online bingo experience for other players. In fact, at many bingo sites such behavior can result in a permanent ban. There are certain basics that everyone should know and new players would be well advised to learn chat room etiquette.

It is common for players in chat rooms to congratulate the winner of a game. The principle of good sportsmanship should be applied towards game winners. Badmouthing winners and whining about losing are considered very bad form.
Chat rooms actively discourage players from soliciting loans from other players. This is something that can get a player banned very quickly. Players unable to afford additional bingo cards should probably stop playing until they can afford more games.

Rants of any kind are severely frowned on and are an annoyance to other players. Chat room conversation should be short and friendly. Ranting can disrupt the entire chat room.

It should go without saying that racial slurs are unacceptable but unfortunately there have been a few incidents so it is necessary to mention this issue. Using racial slurs is probably the quickest way to get not only kicked out of a bingo game but usually results in a lifetime ban from the site where the behavior occurred.

For those who like conversation on the spicy side many internet bingo sites have set up adult themed chat rooms and any sexual conversations should be limited to these specific chat rooms.

Most chat room etiquette is based on common sense and courtesy. Remember the old saying; “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything’? That pretty much sums up the behavior that is expected in most internet bingo chat rooms. Bingo chat rooms can be great places to meet new friends from different countries and cultures and can provide players with many enriching experiences.