Future of Online Gaming in the US Uncertain

Things are getting difficult and rather ugly for online gamblers in the United States. The recent seizure of four major poker sites shocked players around the world. Since the seizures in April things have been getting progressively worse. A few days ago a popular ewallet service used by many American players shut down and was forced to cease operations because of a court order. QuickTender emailed account holders saying that they could not confirm if and when American players would be able to retrieve funds in their online accounts. The US Department of Justice has put pressure on several ewallet services during the last two years leaving American internet bingo players with fewer deposit and withdrawal options.

In addition to the closure of ewallet services one large bingo network has suspended operations because of pressure from the US government. The World Bingo Network sent affiliates an email which read “Unfortunately, due to many circumstances totally beyond our control, World Bingo Network will close its doors, effective May 27, 2011. This has been an incredibly difficult decision, but we have no choice. Obviously this will affect all WBN affiliate sites and affiliates.  We will do our best to settle all accounts if and when possible. Thank you for your past support. We wish you all the best of luck for the future.” Internet bingo sites taken offline included Bingo Workz, Desperate Housewives Bingo, USA Bingo and Bingo Tropic.

Until recently enforcement of US online gambling laws has been lax and most bingo sites remained unscathed. Many gaming experts believe that in the near future online gaming operators accepting deposits from American players will be targeted by the DOJ. Many are expected to take the easy way out and cease all operations. More domain and account seizures are expected and the status of the Accounts of American players may be in jeopardy. The recent move by the US government is puzzling since many states and the District of Columbia plan to offer legal online gaming services to residents. Many gaming experts believe that online gaming will be legalized this year or early next year.

While there is no need for online bingo players to panic there is cause for concern. The actions of the US government have been unpredictable and it is impossible to predict where US authorities will strike next.