How Safe Are Internet Bingo Sites?

Internet bingo can provide hours of fun and enjoyment and players can win some great jackpots and prizes. Bingo has long enjoyed a good reputation and is not commonly associated with criminal activity. In the UK and Europe bingo players are protected by a variety of regulatory agencies. Most bingo players do not think of security issues when signing up at a bingo site but they should. Players provide internet bingo sites with a variety of sensitive information including name, address, phone number, credit card details and other financial information. Identity theft is a major problem around the world and the internet has made it even easier for identity thieves to steal sensitive information.

A recent report that player details were being sold to the highest bidder is cause for alarm. The details of 315,000 players were offered for sale by an affiliate of one of the major bingo sites in the UK. Bingo site operators were urged to inform players and have them change user names and passwords. Information offered for sale included names, addresses, phone numbers, deposit amounts, losses and winnings and other information. Fortunately the breach was addressed quickly and will probably result in no damage for players. The recent security breach may cause players to wonder just how safe internet bingo really is. The answer is that internet bingo is extremely safe.

Thanks to encryption programs players can rest easy. Sensitive information is encrypted and can only be accessed by those with the encryption key. Companies providing encryption services are constantly researching the latest threats to stay ahead of cyber criminals and there has never been en encryption breach at any internet bingo site. Large banks and financial institutions use the same encryption services to safeguard all financial and business information. Encryption scrambles data transmitted from the player’s computer to the server.

There are two types of encryption; Symmetric Key Encryption and Public Key Encryption. Symmetric Key Encryption uses sophisticated algorithms. Symmetric Key Encryption uses up to 256 codes to encrypt the data and there are millions of possible combinations making the process hacker proof. Symmetric Key Encryption uses two asymmetric key codes. A private key is used by each computer and a public key is shared between the computers during the transmission of data. There are a few ways players can check the security features of any online bingo site. Many sites have a separate security page and other may have security information on the FAQ page or privacy section. Many bingo sites post the logo of the security company they are using and players can Google the name of the companies to find out further information.